Understand Your Customers

APIs to get insights, predictions, and analytics on your customer conversations.

Insights into Your Conversations

Clarity Hub builds powerful and flexible tools for businesses to learn about their customers and engage with them in meaningful ways.

Our machine learning and conversation APIs are designed to empower your business. Here's how it works:

Getting started with Clarity Hub is easy, all you need is to get your Access Keys set up in the app, and have a dataset ready to process.

const clarityhub = require('@clarityhub/api')({ apiKeyId: process.env.API_KEY_ID, apiKeySecret: process.env.API_KEY_SECRET, });
Logs will appear here...

APIs to drive your business

Powerful APIs to enable you to understand your customers


Learn what types of questions your customers are asking.


Find out keywords from your customer conversations. Learn what topics your conversations are about.


Get the evolving sentiment of your customers. Track the sentiment over time.

APIs to Fit Your Use Case

Customer Service

See customer sentiment in real time and automate your support workflows.


Automatically route customer questions based on intent without having to fully train an AI.


See what customers are talking about on social media and track customer sentiment about your business.

Built for Developers

Easy to Use

Our APIs are built to be easy to use so you can focus on creating new features instead of experimenting with machine learning algorithms.

Powerful APIs

Use pre-built models or train your own to fit your specific business needs. We provide high level NLP and machine learning tools to discover insights about your customers.

Getting Started is Easy

Create an Account

Create an account and get an access token.

Train Your Model

Create a model of your conversations with labelled or unlabelled data, or use a pre-made model.

Analyze Messages

Get intents, keywords, sentiment and more from new messages.

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